BUSINESS LAW. The law firm of DROEL assists small and large, public and private, business clients with a wide variety of legal issues that arise in each stage of the business life cycle. Our primary emphasis is to help our clients protect and grow their business. Our legal services include all facets of counseling for businesses, from assisting start-ups with the selection of the most appropriate form of organization to advising established businesses on corporate governance, contract negotiation, employment matters, strategic planning, acquisition and sales. Our attorneys’ experience and familiarity with business law and with businesses in all stages of growth enable us to best serve our clients’ immediate and long-term objectives.

FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS. The law firm of DROEL, PLLC assists clients with sophisticated financial transactions.  Our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of current market terms, deal structures, and techniques, which affords clients the most favorable and innovative deal terms. Our financial transactions practice includes structuring and closing complex, structured finance transactions, and advising lenders, borrowers, private equity funds, hedge funds, and other capital markets participants on all aspects of complex financing arrangements. In order to develop innovative financing structures for specialized industries, we blend the documentation skills of finance attorneys with industry knowledge in the areas of renewable energy, construction, employment, and business law.

EMPLOYMENT & LABOR LAW. The law firm of DROEL works with its clients to develop and implement policies and practices related to all aspects of the employment relationship. We take a proactive approach to help clients avoid costly employment and labor law disputes. Our attorneys’ experience and familiarity with employment and labor laws, coupled with their strong commitment to understand the corporate culture and inter-workings of the clients’ companies, enable us to better serve our clients’ employment and labor law needs.

Business Law Services Include:

  • Business entity selection, formation, organization and structuring
  • Borrowing, lending and credit arrangements
  • Corporate governance
  • Operating agreements
  • Business contracts for the sale of goods and services and secured transactions
  • Miscellaneous business contracts
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Executive agreements, compensation and benefits
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Buy-sell agreements/mergers & acquisitions
  • Cross-border planning, investments and transactions
  • Dispute resolution (administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, and litigation)

Financial Transactions services include:

  • Coordinating highly structured project financings
  • Preparing and negotiating term sheets and definitive agreements
  • Preparing and reviewing offering materials
  • Structuring investor returns
  • Structuring and negotiating cash equity and tax equity transactions
  • Structuring alternative investment arrangements
  • Structuring investment vehicles
  • Structuring equity participation
  • Preparing and negotiating buy-sell agreements
  • Structuring mergers and acquisitions
  • Planning and structuring cross-border investments and transactions

Employment Law Services Include:

  • Employment contracts, manuals, handbooks, policies and offer letters
  • Non-competition and non-disclosure agreements
  • Guidance on state and federal statutes and regulations governing workplace safety and wage and hour compliance
  • Compliance with state and federal anti-discrimination laws
  • Accommodations for persons with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and similar state laws
  • Long-term leaves of absence to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act, the ADA, the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, and state workers’ compensation laws
  • Investigations and investigation reports and disciplinary paperwork
  • Disciplinary situations, terminations and separation agreements
  • Dispute resolution (administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, and litigation)

Labor Law Services Include:

  • Providing legal advice to company executive team as they develop their labor relations’ strategy for the development and construction of facilities in union dominant markets
  • Responding to demands for Project Labor Agreements (“PLAs”)
  • Providing legal advice to on-site management during corporate campaigns, salting, picketing, hand billing and other related activities
  • Responding to Unfair Labor Practices
  • Representation before the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB”)
  • Dispute resolution (administrative proceedings, mediation, arbitration, and litigation)