Assuring a Client-First Approach. At DROEL, our clients come first, plain and simple. Honesty, integrity, responsiveness, and providing quality legal services are the basic principles of a client first approach. Our firm’s commitment to these principles is displayed in our every day activities.

Providing Quality Work Product for a Reasonable Price. Since the Great Recession, businesses have changed their policies, procedures and general approach to business expenses, including their approach to, and relationship with, outside legal counsel. Businesses are no longer interested in “open checkbook” style relationships and further contributing to law firm’s extravagant expenditures and capital outlays. These changes are natural adjustments, which represent a regression to the mean. DROEL is committed to offering its clients quality legal services at prices in line with the “mean”.

Creating Business for Clients. At DROEL, we connect our clients with executives in other industries. This generates business and opens the door for growth and prolonged success.

Establishing Long-Term Relationships. At DROEL, our goal is to make every client a long term client. Such relationships are forged through years of successful representation. So, what are you waiting for? Please join the many long standing clients of DROEL!